Fortnite battle royale review

To find someone who never heard of the insanely popular game PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds should probably still try. Everyone is talking about it, she beats all the incredible records, but from the top selling game rarely drops below second place. Not surprisingly, the project began to receive numerous clones. Yes, you may say that PUBG – not the first representative of the genre. But the fact remains – this game becomes a source of inspiration for developers.

The same thing happened with Fortnite. The creators of the cooperative askne third person made no secret of how I got the idea for the new regime. “We like playing in the spirit PUBG, and we decided that Fortnite goes well with this format,” – said in the official announcement.

Game genre

Many companies like to invent new names for genres that they are not associated with any other games. For example, Blizzard will take Heroes of the Storm is the Hero Brawler genre, and invented a Valve for Dota 2 another definition – Action RTS. But nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that both games – MOBA. Fortunately, Epic Games did not reinvent the Bicycle, calling the new regime something of a “massacre”. The start screen now offers you to choose: to go save the world from mozglyakov or to participate in a “Royal battle”.

But let’s not pour water, and get down to the essence of the review. What is this mode? A hundred people, a large map, each for itself – so you can briefly describe the battle Royale in Fortnite. Quite addictive gameplay that is loved by millions of players made it to here without any changes. But there are differences, and they should probably talk first.


The first thing you will notice just arrived a player from PUBG – small map. Yes, she is really small if to compare with a favorite genre. Probably two times or less (the exact calculations, I not summed). And it greatly affects the gameplay. On one point, at times, landed 10 people and start a real Deathmatch. You need to manage to find at least the weakest weapon, so you can withstand the crowd, which runs near you.

A review of the treatment of “battle Royale” in Fortnite: free PUBG from Epic Games? 21417
The most important thing in Fortnite to live at least a couple of minutes. Basically, at the initial stage is eliminated a significant portion of people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and only then begins the tactical gameplay. Just to make it through the beginning and then be able to play normally. In PUBG can not kill anyone and to get in the top 10 (at me such happened). Here this can only happen if you’re very careful and lucky. The long search for loot and the distribution of things in the inventory – it’s not about Fortnite.

Speaking of loot. As in native mode items here sparkle with different colors and notice them even from afar. But if you suddenly managed not to see these outbreaks, the presence of weapons or ammunition will inform a distinctive sound. Slightly casualised the game, but it’s not the only thing that makes the mode easier. For example, notice the hero on a bright green background is much easier. Hitboxes more than the characters themselves, so even shooting a little to the side, the bullet can hit the enemy.

About heroes

In the latter, most likely, blame the heroes. They have different body type and not to create imbalance between them, the hitboxes did the same. By the way, the characters themselves are selected randomly and did not differ from each other. In PvE, each character has their own characteristics and skills. Here all are equal, and pumping does not affect PvP. So if you were worried about balance, you can relax. This is a fully Autonomous mode, not connected with the main game.

A review of the treatment of “battle Royale” in Fortnite: free PUBG from Epic Games? 21418
Moreover, for the “battle Royal” was added to its own mechanics. For example, buildings can be destroyed not only a pick, but weapons. Now you can squat, but lying is still not allowed. And the inventory is strictly limited to five slots.

Due to the small map there is no need to use transport. To escape the anomaly is quite easy on foot. Although machines are still present in the game world, but to manage them you will not be allowed. For this reason, in the game there are no so-called red zone, which will be sent back to lobby all of you who didn’t get out of it.


But Fortinte migrated and their ideas. For example, any object in the game, whether it be a building, a fence or the same vehicle can be destroyed. Don’t want to bypass the wall? Take the pickaxe in hand and make a hole through which you will be able to move to the other side. You can also erect a building, as in the main game. Applications you can think of a lot. For example, if you are standing in an open field, and all around there’s no hiding place – put the wall. You can climb to the roof or the hill by stairs. And it’s really great. Yes, some may say that used this feature very rarely. That could be it, but if you will find application and construction, it will be able to help you much. Besides, it’s a battle Royal. Here and don’t need half of the match to engage in crafting and constructing buildings.


In General, the mode I rather liked than not. It is unlikely he will be able to compete with PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds and there are a few controversial moments. But if you get bored shoot mozglyakov, but to leave Fortnite is not desirable, for the sake of variety, you can start a battle Royale. The game is in early access and can play only buying one set of the founder. But after the official release Fortnite will move to the model of Free 2 Play and will be probably the best free alternative PUBG.


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